Please Bear With Us 

We’re moving to a new Electronic Health Records System

On October 3rd, DRFP launched our new Electronic Health Record system.

We have moved to the Athenahealth EHR system, the leading EHR for small and mid-sized practices.

We have been working diligently all summer for this transition.  Medical Records are being transferred, workflows designed, staff training, and so much more.

FAQs about our EHR conversion

Why change EHRs?

We expect the change to improve all interactions with our EHR, from the improved Patient Portal, streamlined workflow for physicians and staff, and modern infrastructure.  This will also allow us to roll out more improvements in the future.

What changes will I see with the new EHR?

Patients will interact with an new and improved Patient Portal.  Our check-in process will change, and the Telehealth platform is updated.  Please bear with us as we adapt and configure these new tools.

How do I access the new Patient Portal?

Please see our Patient Portal page for instructions.

Will I lose my medical records?

We are transferring the medical records from the old system to the new system.  During the transition process, we may need to review some information in the old system, but this is temporary.  When the transition is complete, the new system will have your complete record.

What should I expect during the transition?

We are doing our best to minimize the challenges during the transition.  We will have to decrease the available appointments during the initial phase of the transition to allow extra time to master the new workflows.  But we hope to back to full speed within weeks.  We apologize if we are not able to see patients within our typical timeframe.

Does this mean that DRFP has been bought, sold, merged, …?

No, there has been no change in the ownership or management of Desert Ridge Family Physicians.  We remain independent.  This is simply a change to our EHR system.