For Patients

I’d like to make an appointment

We offer same day and next 2 days appointments. Please call us at (480) 607-0060 to make an appointment for today or within the next two business days. Learn more about our appointment policy.

I’d like to renew a prescription

It is our practice to provide a sufficient amount of medication to our patients until they are due for a followup appointment. If you have run out of refills of your medication, it is likely that your doctor will need to see you.  If this is the case please call (480) 607-0060 to schedule a visit with your doctor or go schedule an appointment online.

If you have refills remaining on your prescription:

Please contact your pharmacy, they will refill your prescription.

If you have questions about your medication, you can call and leave a message for your physician’s medical assistant or you can send a message through our patient portal.

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In all cases, we request 24 hours to respond to your request.

I have a question/need to get in touch with my physician

For non-urgent matters, our patient portal is the best way to communicate with your physician both during and after business hours. Our physicians check messages regularly, and generally respond within 24 hours. However, please allow up to 48 hours for a response before emailing again or calling.

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If you do not have access to the Patient Portal, you are welcome to leave a message with your physician’s medical assistant, who will pass the message to your physician.

For urgent matters, please call (480) 607-0060. One of our physicians is on call 24 hours a day.

I’d like to request a copy of my medical records

The easiest way to request a copy of your medical records is by sending a secure message through the patient portal.

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As an alternative, you can also call our office and make your request through your physician’s medical assistant.

Please allow up to a week in order to process your medical records request.  If you are transferring care to a new physician, or the records are needed by a specialist, their office can request the records free of charge.