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At Desert Ridge Family Physicians, you will find we do things a little differently.  When designing our practice, we asked ourselves how can we best serve our patients and we came up with the following philosophies:


At Desert Ridge Family Physicians, we believe that when it comes to your healthcare there is nothing more important than the relationship you build with your doctor. For this reason, we anticipate that all of your appointments will be with your doctor, the one who knows you best.   Furthermore, our doctors strive to understand our patients and their individual needs as we work together to create a treatment plan.


At Desert Ridge Family Physicians, we have an “open access” appointment scheduling system in which all of our appointments are scheduled for the same day or the next two days.  Because all of our appointments are scheduled this way, your doctor will have time for you when you need your physician most.  This applies to all types of visits, whether you are sick, have an issue that needs to be followed by your physician, or you need a yearly physical/well exam.

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For the convenience of our patients, Desert Ridge Family Physicians offers all patients access to our online Patient Portal at no cost.  Through the Patient Portal, patients are able to communicate with their physician and our office staff through secure email.  This is a great way to ask questions or to provide information to your physician about your care.  Patients can also request medical records, a medication refill or a referral.



At Desert Ridge Family Physicians, we believe it is very important to provide you with a way to reach your physician for after hour emergencies. We don’t use a call group or an answering service. One of our doctors will be available 24 hours a day to answer your pressing questions. We do request that you reserve these late-night phone calls for urgent matters only and take care of routine prescription refills and questions during normal office hours.


At Desert Ridge Family Physicians, we have implemented a state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) which has numerous features that enhance patient care.  This system offers safety features, such as an automatic allergy and drug interaction check when prescribing medications.   We can also e-prescribe medications directly to the pharmacy so they are ready for our patients to pick up in a timely fashion.  Electronic health records aid in a more efficient office operation which results in less waiting time for telephone calls and lab results.